I had the cutest shirt sent to me from some styling program I’m beta testing. It’s a lot of fun. I also have the cutest skirt from ASOS. … that I also waited for a sale to purchase because a lot of plus size clothing is hella expensive. Still doesn’t beat the 8 months I waited to purchase a pink faux leather moto jacket to be on sale. Still haven’t worn that out, but I’m waiting for that special occasion to show you guys. 


On my first trip into Creedmoor State Hospital in 2006, on the pigeon-poop-saturated 4th floor of Building 25, I came across the faint hints of some patient art that had been painted over with pink paint.  With my fingernails, I scraped away a little more and saw that, indeed, there was a mural hidden under the paint.  On my next trip, I brought some steel wool pads and proceeded to lightly run them over the pink paint until this beautiful image - presumably painted by a patient in the institution - was mostly uncovered.  I would have gone farther, but after a half-hour, I was getting dizzy from the fumes coming off the pigeon poop.  I took this photograph of the mural, a wonderfully serene image on the wall of a relatively dismal asylum building.
Print available here.
Over the summer Kinsey and her friends broke into an abandoned rubber duck factory near her campus and she got this creepy thing

"Couples Therapy" by Patrick Roche via Button Poetry